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Welcome to the Nasuverse.

Powerlevels to the left. Everything else to the right.

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Welcome to nasuverse, a fan-made community dedicated to the sharing of any info, works, and discussions henceforth of any and all titles produced by or relating to Type-Moon! Try to leave your bias at the front door, and do have a good time!

Oh, and don't forget to tag your entries. New tags will be made as the need arises, and feel free to use the mod post to request for new ones, if they are not already placed shortly after your entry has been made. It'll make things easier to find.
1. Be respectful. Law of thumb and applicable to everyone. I'm not idealistic and dumb enough to hope that no powerlevel discussion/shipping argument/etc shall take place here, but please, for the love of Sakura, Fujinon, and Kohaku, do be civil! Disagreements are fine and natural, but please do respect the opinion of the person who doesn't agree with you. Keep a cool head during arguments, and don't sink to Shinji's level just because you can! No one would appreciate that very much.

That means no flaming, and no trolling either - unless it's done by Nasu himself. Jokes are fine, but posting offensive comments with the sole purpose to stir up trouble won't be tolerated. Common sense may not be applicable to the hero of a Type-Moon eroge, but it sure is to you!

2. Please use lj-cuts. For newbies who aren't sure how, please see here. There are three reasons for this:

Explicit content. Given the nature of a majority of the type of works that Nasu writes, bringing up sex and violence would be expected. Granted, I may presume that anyone who joins this community is already old enough to get in touch with these themes anyhow, but by principles of courtesy and respect, if you are to post pictures or start a discussion on a non-PG13 topic, please put it under a cut.
Spoilers. As any who have fully read a TM Visual Novel knows, plot twists are very common. While some spoilers are pretty 'duh' of nature, such as Saber's real identity, it would be very much appreciated to still put under a cut ANYTHING that might be a spoiler to someone new to the fandom, such as Archer's real identity.
Length. This to a lesser degree, but still applicable. If you are going to post big pictures or a large wall of tl;dr, to not clutter the watchers' friend list, please put your content under a courtesy cut.

3. Type-Moon related media only. That's pretty simple, right? Anything on this list is fine, and to a wider degree, Takeuchi's other works may be talked about too, like his Valkyrie series. Do please try to stay focused on Nasu's works, however, and take a look at the interests section if you have any doubts. Things like DDD, old Fate with Ayaka and Saver, and Canaan are all acceptable too. If you're still uncertain, please use the mod contact post, linked at the side. You'll be responded to as soon as possible.

4. Respect the LiveJournal Terms of Service. That's a no-brainer, nya~?